South West Drinking Water – The Water Supply Specialists

Water delivery, rain water tanks and specialised tanker cleaning services

After 15 years in the water supply industry South West Drinking Water knows its business and clients well. They employ a local staff compliment of seven and enjoy a diverse and loyal customer base from private residential homes to large construction sites.

Their services include supplying potable drinking water, rain water tanks and a specialised tanker wash out facility. They maintain high standards and only use stainless steel food grade tankers for their water deliveries. All water transferred is sourced from Health Department approved suppliers only.

South West Drinking Water has been a preferred supplier of the Water Corporation since their inception 15 years ago.

Over the years South West Drinking Water has developed a reputation for delivering fresh water that can fulfil any need. Their water can be used for drinking, filling pools and dams, irrigation and large industrial sites to name but a few. Their delivery area is significant; from their base in Bunbury, Western Australia, they deliver across the road and across the state.

South West Drinking Water stainless steel food grade tankers, tanker cleaning service and efficient and professional service have made them market leader in the region.

Contact us for a fast, efficient supply of clean drinking water of any volume.