Rainwater Tank Installation

At South West Drinking Water, we have been supplying water and installing rainwater tanks for residential, commercial and industrial clients, for over 15 years. We also  can arrange for the supply and installation of rainwater tanks and the connection of roof catchments to storage tanks, and fit pumps for household water storage systems.

As part of our rainwater tanks installation service, we assess the site and then prepare it. There are several important factors to take into account when installing water tanks and our highly qualified and experienced onsite team take all considerations into account before installation.


Collect and store rainwater for a variety of applications in and around your home and business. With water scarce in many parts of the country, it makes sense to collect your own rainwater whenever possible and as water restrictions become more permanent in places, many more people are purchasing and installing a rainwater tank, for this purpose. Using the correct tank ensures longevity of the product you purchase, and the healthy properties of the water in your tank.

South West Drinking Water serve as agents for Rapid Plastics and West Coast Poly in the Western region. Rapid Plastics and West Coast Poly  manufactures a wide range of rainwater tanks, using their exclusive poly design. Products include corrugated poly domestic water tanks, rural rainwater tanks, urban rainwater tanks and urban mini-rib tanks, which come in a slim tank range. They also supply a range of water tanks for firefighting units.

South West Drinking Water will organise a water tank suitable for your needs and arrange Rapid Plastic and West Coast Poly to deliver direct to you. Our qualified and experienced team will provide rainwater tanks installation, thereby ensuring you receive the best long-term service from your product.

For rainwater tanks Bunbury, Perth and many other clients across the state trust for impeccable services and products, contact us  today.