Potable Water Delivery

South West Drinking water has been supplying water and potable water tanks to clients throughout Western Australia for the past 16 years. We own a fleet of eight stainless steel water cartage tanks used for supplying water in loads of 13,000 litre, 17,000 litres or 22,000 litres we also offer onsite tanker hire. 13,000 litres tanker is the most commonly used for domestic purposes.

Water is a precious commodity that needs to be fit for human consumption, amongst other uses we source our water directly from Health Department approved suppliers who offer only 100% drinkable and healthy water for residential and industrial requirements.

We supply water for potable water tanks and rainwater tanks for water capture required for both personal and industrial use. We deliver to clients with residential storage tanks, those who wish to fill swimming pools, and we supply large industrial sites in area like Bunbury, Collie, Dwelingup, Pinjarra, Donnybrook and Kirup.

IMG_0028Our convenient services include a 24-hour supply and delivery service of potable drinking water, the ideal solution to a water emergency situation. We supply rainwater tanks, which are the perfect back up water solution when you are waiting on a delivery from us.

Being a small but established business, South West Drinking Water looks after all their clients equally, some of whom they have been servicing for 16 years. We look forward to welcoming you as a client.

For tough hardy and reliable water cartage storage and distribution services, contact us today.